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Cleaning shopping carts with alcohol or detergent
is time-consuming and not 100% safe.

The caddy disinfection unit from SpectronX is not only 100% safe but also easy to use.

No extra personnel is needed for operation.
By using UVc disinfection, no chemicals are used
and there is no waste.

Portable Disinfection Unit

Specifications Sheet

  • Dimensions : 1600 x 2000 x 900 mm
  • Electric : 230V AC 50Hz | Fuse max 20A C curve | Residual current circuit breaker 30mA for outdoor installation
  • Motor : PU conveyor UVC protected with frequency-controlled AC motor | Motor power conveyor belt : 120W
  • Safety : Roller doors with high speed stepper motor
  • Emergency stop : Front - Back
  • Warning : 2 multicolor LED signal lights for signaling to the user & also diagnosis & display of error codes via pulse pattern
  • UVC Philips lamps : Side 6 x T8 900mm | Top 3 x T5 550mm | Ballast 9 x HF-P 118/136 TL-D III
  • Caddy size : Width 70cm x Height 120cm (incl. protruding parts)
  • Extra feature : Rfid scanner according to "UHF ISO 1800-6C" with a mode to learn Rfid tags so that they are unique, the door doesn't open when passing a "unknown" tag / unique tag per cart
  • Effectiveness : Covid-19 research lab UGhent - Hans Nauwynck - May 2020
  • Speed : Disinfection capacity - 6 shopping carts per minute
  • Certification : Build according to the Machine Directive - Certification EN
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